It’s a Trend! More Free Reads of Eisner Humor Nominees

First, Dave Kellett gave away PDFs of Literature: Unsuccessfully Competing Against TV Since 1953. Then, since the physical book is out of print, AdHouse announced that their nominee, Afrodisiac, could be read online at their website.

That made me curious about the status of the other four nominees for the Eisner Award for Best Humor Publication. Gene Luen Yang’s Prime Baby ran online at the New York Times Magazine website before it was collected, so that’s fully available. Julia Wertz’s Drinking at the Movies (my pick in this category) has had many of its pages posted at her old website.

That leaves Bongo’s Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book and Shannon Wheeler’s I Thought You Would Be Funnier, published by Boom!. If either are available online (without violating copyright), please let me know — I’d love to update the links so voters can be fully informed.

Update: (4/30/11) Boom! has since announced that you can read I Thought You Would Be Funnier online for free (link no longer available), in part to make up for a glitch. The book was left off the online ballot for the first few days of voting.

2 Responses to “It’s a Trend! More Free Reads of Eisner Humor Nominees”

  1. Shannon wheeler Says:

    I’ll post my PDF if you change your pick to my book of New Yorker rejected cartoons! Ha.

  2. Shannon Wheeler Says:

    Just coming back to update… BOOM! posted the book for a free download – and there’s an official blurb from the Eisner people. I should say that they were really on top the mistake and fixed it almost as soon as they heard about it. Good folks.
If you are a professional in the industry, please help this poor soul and consider voting for me.

    Official statement:
”Because of a computer glitch, one of the nominees was missing from the Will Eisner Comics Industry Awards online ballot when it first went live. In the humor category, Shannon Wheeler’s ‘I Thought You Would Be Funnier’ was left out. The error was caught and the title is now listed. However, some people had already voted in the interim. Fortunately, anyone who votes in the Eisners can change their votes at any time up to the deadline of June 13. Voters who change their minds about their choices in any category can revisit prior to that date. Votes can also download a pdf file of the ballot and mail it in. That file was unaffected by the error.”




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