More Thoughts on Tokyopop’s Demise, Publishing Schedule, Website Update

Following up on the closing of Tokyopop as an American manga publisher

Instead of updating their website, as previously announced, they have declared their intentions to shutter it on April 26.

As stated in our previous newsletter, on Tuesday April 26th, will go offline. We know that you probably have kept copies of everything you’ve uploaded (photos, videos, drawings etc.), but we just wanted to be extra-sure and give you this notice so that you could pull anything down from that you still need … Because, after Tuesday, April 26th, that site and all its associated user content will no longer be accessible.

Time to remove any links you might have, before the site squatters move in., online manga/anime retailer, has found that most of the planned May releases won’t come out. They posted, “We have since confirmed that titles scheduled for release after May 4 have been canceled, and we are removing them from pre-order on”

Meanwhile, fan reactions are becoming more skewed. On the positive side, Katherine Dacey remembers her favorite Tokyopop titles, while Matt Blind, on the negative, rants about how he hates Stu Levy. Then he offers to buy the publisher. I don’t think that’s how a sales pitch is supposed to work.


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  2. Minor correction: I offered to buy Tokyopop for a dollar.

    It was one more slap at Stu, in that context, not a legitimate business proposal. Tokyopop should have been sold to someone though, even just the publishing arm [Stu can keep the movie and the rights to whatever] –sold at a loss, as a loss is more money than zero.

  3. My relationship with Tokyopop was certainly a rocky one these past few years. But I’ve decided to also think about my favorite series from Tokyopop, and anxiously sit on the sidelines hoping for announcements that certain series will be rescued.

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  5. Aaaaand so much for hoping to buy Return to Labyrinth from the source XD

  6. Yeah,and lest for get ordering shuter box, fruits basket, and other greatbooks.TT__TT

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