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Ed has a guest post today at “Beneath the Tangles”, a Christian anime/manga blog. In it, he discusses his faith and how it relates to his fandom. An excerpt:

Cardcaptor Sakura shows there is no one right Christian response to just a single series, let alone the entire medium of anime. … There is room for debate among Christians about which shows are appropriate and why. Debate is healthy because it encourages to each of us think more deeply about our faith and how we live it out in this fallen world.

The greatest gift anime has given me is its non-Christian and non-Western worldview. Anime has forced me to ask myself, “Am I offended at this for Biblical or cultural reasons?” It’s so easy to be lulled into thinking that if I find something shocking, it’s because I’m a Christian. However, I’ve discovered that apart from one or two proof texts, I was finding it hard to make a solid Biblical argument for everything I found offensive. Anime helped me to separate my cultural biases from my Biblical beliefs.

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