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As promised, today Tokyopop has shut down their website. If you try or any more specific links to that site, you’ll get directed instead to their Facebook page. We knew that they’d been doing more promotion of that venue, with exclusive contests and the like, but it never occurred to me that they’d use it as their only public venue online.

The comments currently appearing on that page are somewhat sad — fans who hadn’t heard the news about the company, or those wondering if they’ll ever see more of their favorite titles, or those who missed the notice about the website, such as this one: “cant you guys put it back up so i can get my pics and fiction off of ther cause i dont have it saved”.

Tokyopop Facebook comments

Someone is still publishing under the Tokyopop name, with this comment posted 18 hours ago (at the time of writing): “Since it’s Manga Monday again, we’re wondering what you will be reading today? ^^ Our Dutch intern is reading Cowboy Bebob! FINALLY!” It appears that there’s still some intent to maintain a social media presence, between Facebook and the still-active Twitter account — at least until the intern has to go home.


  1. “Notice” should be “notices”- I received a ton of emails telling me the site was being shuttered.

  2. “at least until the intern has to go home”


  3. Anybody know the odds of a Dutch intern being literate in German?

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  5. Oh-noez!!!T3T Tokyopop publishes my favorite mangas, about the only ones NOT put on the internet at that. Besides, the series isn’t over yet!! I hope someone else starts publishing Warriors mangas!

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  7. Dear Manga Worth Reading,

    First of to be honest, I don’t like your layout.I am not a horrible person because I did check this website out. I just wish it tokyopop that’s all is that to much to ask.Anyway I hope you know I will never like this website like I did tokyopop, for it is in my heart for today and all of eternity. I will miss tokyopop I hope they have answers for me in the Con,I am attending this weekend, too. So please take my voice into consideration when I ask you to bring back tokyo bring back that eccentric,malign layout we all! use to like seeing. Being back the indifferent slides and avatars we all use to see in our layouts of random strangers. Can you just bring back tokyopop. Please.

    An acquaintance

  8. Hsifeng,

    pretty good actually. Those in the Randstad will be very fluent in English as well. However those Dutch that I knew (I lived there for 5 1/2 years) told me that they were more confident in speaking English than German. But when you move away from the Randstad to the Eastern cities you get some good German speakers. Somebody from Eindhoven, Arnhem, Enschede, etc., would be pretty good odds.

  9. Otakuzan,

    Manga Worth Reading isn’t anything to do with Tokyopop, it’s just a blog run by one person who can’t bring the site back for you (though if she could simply wave her hand and do it, I doubt if she’d mind).

  10. Thanks for explaining that, James — I wasn’t at all sure how to answer it. :)

  11. Thanks I just found out today unfortunately..I wanted to keep on reading my manga called Magic Knight Rayearth. I saw this and I was devastated..Thanks for the heads up though really appriciate it ^^

  12. Kevin Lighton

    Namine: Rayearth was picked up by Dark Horse and is being rereleased in two omnibuses (the first is out, the second is scheduled for January).

  13. Journey Young

    i Love the Fruit Basket the best Manga I have at my school besides Maximum ride

  14. T___T now thats just sad!!! Tokyopop published Vassalord! and Vassalord isint even finished T____T Vassalord is so worth reading, I hope some one will carry on publishing it! T-T

  15. NekoGirlItzura

    This is very sad. Will they still be publishing manga or will they be turning the rights over to a different company? I have been dying to read the next Loveless manga but Tokyopop has NOT published it yet and at least 2 have come out since the last published one in the US. Does anyone know?

  16. No one knows at this point. Other companies might be interested in rescuing the licenses for certain series, but sometimes those titles are seen as “damaged goods” and harder to publish successfully.

  17. Loveless has apparently been licensed by Viz, to begin where Tokyopop left off in June or July. There are other series that are getting picked up by various publishers over time (JManga just picked up Your and My Secret, for instance)

  18. Damn it! I need to get my manga published… T-T

  19. awwwwwwwwww i’m sad in the past i never really cared about the page but the one time i wanna go there i find they shut it down (_ _’)

  20. Curtis McCalister

    I’m a big fan of Yubisaki Milk Tea, but it seems it has stopped at 9 books. My question is: Will there be a Volume 10????? I’m desperate to know what happens next with the story! Please let me know if any more are scheduled to come out in english!!

  21. No!!!!!!!!!!I can’t get any of my fave comics any more with Tokyopop shut down!(sad face whith a river of tears)Keep me posted if the start reprinting any of the comics ,Ican only get somany from the libbrary and book stores.I will miss the work from Ms.Natsuki Takiya:(

  22. Octavia Hawkins

    I wished they didn’t take it away. I mean there are so many tokyo pop books i haven’t finished. At least i got to vol.23(last book) for fruits basket…but still ….BRING IT BACK….please.

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