Good Comics Out April 27: Genius, Isolated and Page by Paige

Spring has sprung, tra la, tra la, and that means more good reads becoming available, like flowers starting to pop their heads above the earth.

Not as much manga out this week as I thought there’d be — I guess, with a major publisher’s demise, that’ll be the way of things going forward — but the two Viz books I’ve already read, I’ve enjoyed. That’s Bakuman Volume 4 ($9.99) and Kingyo Used Books Volume 3 ($12.99). Both are recommended for those who love comics, as both show the dedication of those who make and bring books to readers.

On the American side, the book of the week is clearly IDW’s first of three Toth books,
Genius, Isolated: The Life and Art of Alex Toth ($49.99). I’m hoping KC will be able to review it for us, because it sounds amazing, recognizing a comic master.

If you’re looking for comics, instead of books about comics, or something a little more affordable, I recommend Page by Paige (Amulet Books, $18.95 hardcover / $9.95 paperback). I’m working on a review of this now, but the short version is, it’s astounding. It’s about a young lady who’s just moved to New York, and as she grows up, she keeps a sketch journal. Plenty of people have told similar stories, but while flipping through this volume, just about every page impressed me with its use of visual symbolism. This is a book that could only be done as a comic, and it makes full use of the medium.

On the other hand, in the “really? you thought THAT was needed?” category comes Impact’s Sketch Card Mania: How to Create Your Own Original Collectible Trading Cards ($24.99). Step one: Create a superhero character known worldwide with massive media spinoffs. Step two: Put pictures of him on pieces of cardboard. Ta da!

When it comes to periodicals this week, I’m not seeing a lot to excite me. DC wraps up its year of biweeklies with the end of both Brightest Day (which was nothing of the sort) and Justice League: Generation Lost. Maybe one or both will turn out to have some kind of point to them (beyond “twice as much money made with an increased production schedule”), but I’m not hopeful. The former wants to give old heroes new titles to make them more exciting (“Champion of Earth”) while the latter has been wallowing in events that were better forgotten (Max Lord AGAIN?). Eh, I’m not the audience, I should leave them to those who are. By the way, both are “extra-sized”, so expect to pay $5 a pop instead of $3.

Meanwhile, Superman returns to Action Comics with issue #900, which boasts 100 pages, an “ultimate battle”, an “epic story”, “an incredible roster of guest talent”, and more plugs for DC Universe Online. That seems like it would have gone over better five years ago.

All is not lost, though — I am looking forward to Xombi #2 ($2.99). The first issue was a great drop back into weirdness, and I look forward to seeing where the story goes. I was too young for this (mentally) when it first came out, so I’m very glad I’m getting a second chance.

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  1. Grant Says:

    There’s also Batman Inc #5 and Planet of the Apes #1. I know, I know, but don’t laugh, it actually looks really good with really attractive art.




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