A Fresh Look at 20th Century Boys on Manga Out Loud Podcast

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In the latest episode of Manga Out Loud, Ed and I discuss the turning point of 20th Century Boys, as the series takes a new approach with Volume 13.

Listening to it now, I think I may have been more critical than I intended, because it is a good series, even if it is assembled from elements that would be laughable in lesser hands and requires a good amount of suspension of disbelief. I did get back on board following this discussion with Book 14.

Plus, we discuss briefly the implied contract between customer and publisher when it comes to long, continuing, serialized series; how memory works when you’re a kid; and Ed tells the story of a very young supervillain.

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  1. I think you’re a good corrective to my unbridled optimism, so the show comes out balanced as a result.

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