Viz Anime Streaming on Netflix Adds Death Note
April 30, 2011

Death Note Anime promotion

I don’t subscribe to Netflix — I have a thing about owning DVDs for the convenience and extra features instead of renting or streaming movies — but it occurs to me that it’s now a huge repository of content available to people at a very reasonable price. I hadn’t even thought about how useful it would be to watch anime without the costs of buying or the hassles of getting websites to work to view shows.

Viz has announced that they’ve added the complete Death Note anime series, 37 episodes, to Netflix’s Watch Instantly service. It’s subtitled, which may bother some, but makes more sense to me. Find out more about the series at DeathNote.Viz.com.

Other Viz anime series available on Netflix WI include Bleach, Naruto, and InuYasha. Not a Netflix subscriber? Check out VizAnime.com for online viewing.

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lynn writes:  

To my mind, the one thing Hulu Plus has on Netflix at the moment is their much more flexible subtitle system.

I’m sort of surprised Netflix/Silverlight still hasn’t made optional close captioning a feature yet.

Grant writes:  

I used to think I’d never be a netflix guy. The idea of watching movies on the computer instead of a dvd on TV seemed odd. But I got a free trial and loved it. I’ve hardly rented anything through the mail, it’s all been streaming movies. Pretty cool for 9 bucks a month. I even watched some anime, the entire first season of Hell Girl was available for streaming. I also watched 11 years worth of Cheers and the 80s “Dark Shadows” tv series. I’m loving it.

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[…] has a history of putting its anime wherever they can to reach viewers, from Netflix to streaming services Hulu and Joost to their own VizAnime website (where content is subtitled, not […]


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