KC Looks at the May Previews

In KC’s latest Westfield column, he looks through the latest Previews, recommends some books, and ponders why all of DC’s upcoming big events are set outside their core universe.

I find [Flashpoint and Retroactive] more interesting that what’s going on in the actual DCU. I just don’t find stories about Corporate Batmen, un-American Superman, uh, whatever the hell is going on with Wonder Woman, Green Lanterns fighting Green Lanterns, or the very boring Justice League (Doomsday? Eclipso?… Snore!) very inspiring, or worth my time or money. Plus, Swamp Thing with a superhero symbol on his chest is just so wrong on so many levels. Thank goodness some of the secondary titles (including Detective, Birds of Prey, Secret Six, Batgirl, Superboy, among others) are still worth reading. Just my two cents (or my $2.99, as things go).

Also, what does Grant Morrison have in common with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi? Find out at the link!

5 Responses to “KC Looks at the May Previews”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Its weird really, I have never seen the appeal of Aragones work. People tell me its funny, but I just don’t get it.(I feel the same way about Mad Magazine too though)

    I’m curious about the Waid DD… though why is his face blue? (is he a smurf?:) )

    I’m excited about some of the Retroactive titles, especially the 90s GL one with Ron Marz & Darryl Banks returning to do a
    Kyle Rayner story set in that era that was a favorite of mine.

    I’m surprised they aren’t doing a Perez Wonder Woman… but then that might show the how stupid the current one is.

    Bangs head… I already have the first 2 Cooke Parker GNs… I hope they have that new material is eventually in a separate volume so I don’t have to buy the same things AGAIN. That’s one of the things that’s bugged me about comics, trying to get people to buy the same things over and over again.

    Lois Lane archive sounds good… but whew the price on those sure have gone up.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I thought about you as soon as I heard of the GL Retroactive. Let’s see if people still care as much as they did back then. :)

    The Archives are selling to an ever-declining market, I’m afraid. I’m just glad they’re still making them.

  3. James Schee Says:

    True time has a way of not making things seem so special, but then again I recently reread that era of GL and still enjoyed it.

    I like Ron and Darryl’s (its going to be neat to see his art again, he’s a commercial artist now, and so this is something rare) approach to it though. Its a simple day in the life story, which I’ve really missed in the GL books.

    Which have kind of gotten into the same trap as the Superman books were in after the Death of story, having to try and top the previous story in scope and losing sight of character.

    Its too bad there isn’t a 90s Legion of Super-Heroes book, though at least I’ve heard we’ll get to see a Jeff Moy drawn XS backup in an annual or something soon.

    On the archives its true about the price, but at least I know there are options and that I don’t have to pay retail.

  4. James Schee Says:

    Wow I feel old…. I was reading a thread on a GL board seeing what the reaction was to GL Retroactive. There are people there talking about its run being their first comics, and reading them while in the 7th grade….

  5. Greg Manuel Says:

    I honest-to-Stan wish I still had enough faith in anything coming out of DC (or Marvel) being of any relevance, let alone quality. The only two comics I look forward to anymore are Atomic Robo (Red 5) and Darkwing Duck (Kaboom…for now)

    I’m already put off by yet another renumbering to really bother, but one thing I hope Mark Waid does with his time on Daredevil is actually show Matt Murdock in the courtroom. I’m starting to suspect that we’ve endured some 20+ years of writers turning ol’ Hornhead’s life to crap all because they’re scared to attempt to depict a lawyer PRACTICING LAW.

    I am intrigued by Supergods, so I think I’ll want a copy of that book. I do believe in the power and importance of superheroes, and have offered some thoughts on that in my old column at Comics Nexus:





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