Dumb Move LinkBlogging: Flaming Signs, Bad Awards, and the Long Slow Death of Wizard

This headline pretty much sums it all up:

‘Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal’ Wins Award For Accurate Depiction of Drug Addiction. Really.

But if you want to read more, Chris Sims goes into detail about why this is a ridiculously bad idea at Comics Alliance. That comic, you might recall, was the laughingstock of last year, with Evan Dorkin abusing it in public and retailer Brian Hibbs calling it the worst comic he ever read. That it was considered an accurate ANYthing points out how silly awards can be.

DC Comics, to promote their Green Lantern property, sold retailers an Animated Light-Up Display for $150. However, they’ve just sent out a safety warning saying that they should be unplugged immediately because of electrical problems. At least one fire was attributed to the promotional item. Add to your list of things to consider in designing signs for a store full of paper: should not overheat, smell like burning plastic, or start smoking.

Another note on the never-ending Wizard obituary: Their digital magazine staff is down to one, Carlos Mejia, after the departure of staff fixture Mike Cotton.

2 Responses to “Dumb Move LinkBlogging: Flaming Signs, Bad Awards, and the Long Slow Death of Wizard”

  1. caleb Says:

    Hal Jordan wouldn’t unplug his animated light-up display if HE ran a comic shop just because of a little threat of fire. Hal Jordan is fearless!

    (No seriously, unplug those things..fear is healthy!)

  2. Grant Says:

    Green Lantern goes up in flames. Not a good omen for the upcoming movie is it?




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