Read a Classic Adventure Strip Online

To promote the June release of The Phantom: The Complete Newspaper Dailies Volume Three, 1939-1941 ($49.99), Hermes Press is posting the entire 1938 Phantom story, “Adventure in Algiers”, by Lee Falk and Ray Moore, to their blog site. Read this classic adventure comic strip the way it originally ran, four panels a day.

According to Hermes, the hardcover book was shot directly from the original black-and-white proofs. It contains four stories: “The Mysterious Girl”, “The Golden Circle”, “The Seahorse”, and “The Game of Alvar”. (The one running on the site comes from an earlier volume.)

One Response to “Read a Classic Adventure Strip Online”

  1. Grant Says:

    Pretty cool. Remember that Phantom cartoon that came out in the 90s, I think it was made by the guy that did Aeon Flux. That wasn’t bad.




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