Free Comic Book Day Saturday, May 7

Tomorrow is the national holiday for comic books, Free Comic Book Day. If you visit a participating retailer, you may be given anywhere from one to many comics from the selection prepared for the event.

Unfortunately, for the first time in many years, I won’t be able to participate due to conflicts. (Thankfully, I have a retailer pulling some titles for me.) I hope everyone has a wonderful time! To prepare, check out the following posts:

  • Chris Sims points out ten highlights of the many comics out tomorrow
  • Dorian Wright is even more comprehensive, covering all of the items
  • Katherine Dacey put together a primer aimed at parents and others unfamiliar with the event

If you aren’t able to visit a comic shop today, don’t forget that there are other year-round ways to get free comics. For instance, this year, if you log in at digital comic distributor, you’ll find over 30 comics free only tomorrow. They will also be giving away additional free comics and the chance to win either an iPad 2 or an Android tablet.

4 Responses to “Free Comic Book Day Saturday, May 7”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Too bad you couldn’t go, as I know you always enjoyed helping out at them. None of the shops in my area participated, only one I wanted this year was the Thor/Captain America one. Maybe they’ll put it on the Marvel ap.

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