Tokyopop Digital Manga Removed Early

On May 2, Digital Manga announced that “Tokyopop’s BLU titles on expire on May 20th at 5pm PST!” Certain Tokyopop yaoi titles had been available on the online manga site since October of last year. The purpose of the news was to let interested readers know that titles bought before the deadline would still be accessible to customers who paid for them, although new customers would be out of luck.

However, late last night, a posted update stated that

Tokyopop’s BLU titles have been removed permanently from ahead of the expected deadline. DMP received a request from Gentosha Publishing to take the titles down despite the contractional deadline.

One would think that the contract would prevail, but perhaps Digital Manga is worried about maintaining a good relationship with the Japanese publisher for other reasons or future business. So if you wanted Tokyopop BLU yaoi online, you’re now out of luck — it’s gone, just as the publisher is.

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