Young Justice Comes to DVD in Limited Form
May 7, 2011

From my perspective, the poor Young Justice cartoon can’t do anything right. I wasn’t impressed at the “all boys together” approach, and I gave up after being put off by the way the creator responded.

The boys of Young Justice

Young Justice Season 1 Volume 1

Now that it’s coming out on DVD, I thought I might give it another try, but the one-disc release is so limited that I’m not sure it’s worth it. Season 1 Volume 1 is due out July 19, containing four episodes (two of which make up the pilot, “Independence Day”) at a list price of $14.97 US. The other two episodes are “Welcome to Happy Harbor”, in which Speedy refuses to join the team but Miss Martian signs up, and “Drop Zone”, about the team’s first official assignment from Batman, during which they pick a leader. I’m not sure why Artemis is seen on the cover — is she in any of the cartoons included?

I’d much rather have a more substantial set, to get more exposure to the show, but the trend these days for cartoons seems to be “make it cheaper”. At this suggested price, you’ll probably be able to find the DVD, with the right deal, about $10, or $2.50 an episode. (That’s not great, since you can buy them online from Amazon at $1.99 each.)

I can rarely make sense of how animated show seasons work. Nine episodes (again counting the pilot as the first two) have aired so far, ending in March. A tenth is planned to show on June 3. Will Season 1 end up as three one-disc volumes?

It’s not surprising to me that the release is prominently noted as “a hit as the favorite show among boys 9-14 … with non-stop action”. It doesn’t seem to have the depth or diversity to appeal more widely.

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James Schee writes:  

Don’t bother with this…. I think eventually the series will get somewhere. Yet right now its got a serious lack of focus and seems to be written by people with no clue how things can come off.

Artemis isn’t in any of the eps, the leader is the real natural choice (and really only full character so far) but it gets undercut by them rationalizing that of course this other character will eventually take over as leader as he’s more deserving.

I’m hoping with the long time inbetween episodes, that they are perhaps retooling some of them to be better.

Grant writes:  

I like the animation but thats it. I watched the first 4 or 5 eps and decided that life was too short. My wife already mocks me for watching good cartoons. No sense taking that heat for a crappy one.

Shannon Smith writes:  

I promise you that there is not a boy ages 9-14 alive on this planet that would say Young Justice is their favorite show. It does not have non stop action. It has non stop emo. It is a dark cynical awful and boring show. The Young Justice half of DC’s kids FCBD book was better than the show.

pandesal writes:  

well, i love this show & a lot of other people do too.

Young Justice Season 1 Volume 1 » DVDs Worth Watching writes:  

[…] with many of the Warner animation releases aimed directly at kids, this is a bare-bones, one-disc package to keep the price low. (With discounts, the DVD can be found under $10.) In addition to the four […]

cdm writes:  

Very misleading and false advertising since “season one” never even finished airing yet, nor is it complete on the DVD.


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