Andi Watson’s Skeleton Key Returns in Dark Horse Presents

What exciting news for the weekend! Dark Horse has announced that my fave Andi Watson will be creating an all-new Skeleton Key story for three issues of anthology Dark Horse Presents. The first part is scheduled for DHP #5, due out October 19.

Skeleton Key sample

Skeleton Key originally ran from the mid to late 90s, and it’s all been collected in five volumes. When it began, it was the fantasy story of Tamsin, a Canadian schoolgirl with a magic Skeleton Key that could open doors to alternate worlds. Along the way she met Kitsune, a Japanese fox spirit. By the final volume, Roots, the series had grown up (along with its artist and his maturing style) into a tale of facing adulthood.

From the description of “Dead Can’t Dance,” in which the girls “encounter a band using real zombies in a music video”, it sounds like this might be a flashback, set during the earlier part of the story. And looking at the art sample, above, it seems that Watson is using a style similar to his more recent all-ages comic, Glister, which I find adorable.

I’m thrilled to see more with these characters, and, well, anything from Andi Watson is worth reading. Keep an eye out for this in the fall.

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