Read All of Elfquest Online for Free

This is a surprising discovery this morning! (via) For the last two years, *all* of the Elfquest comics — over 6,500 pages — have been posted online at the official Elfquest website, plus storyboards for the never-made movie.

For those who don’t recall, Wendy Pini’s Elfquest debuted in 1978 as the story of Cutter and his Wolfriders, seeking to find other tribes of elves. It was one of the best-known self-published independent series, and the story ran on-and-off until 1992, when the series became a franchise. Various spin-off stories continued until 1996, when the publications collapsed into one anthology. Much of the material was reprinted by DC Comics from 2003-2007. Nothing has been in print since; it’s now all online.

2 Responses to “Read All of Elfquest Online for Free”

  1. Teris Says:

    Not all, I’ve searched for “A Cry from beyond” but to no avail, Its simply not there.

  2. ray Says:

    like these comics alot




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