Coming Up: Graphic Novels Due After July 2011

I’m horribly behind on May’s Previews, now that June’s listings have already started appearing electronically. But the thing about shopping for books is, you don’t have to preorder them on Diamond’s timetable … you can buy them any time. Plus, so many of the cool books have lengthy due dates, so some of these books are still three months or more out. And I didn’t want really good choices to not get the attention they deserve.

Finder Library Volume 2 (MAY11 0049, Dark Horse, $24.99, September 14) reprints the very best of Carla Speed McNeil’s series (because all of her books are the very best) in affordable format: Dream Sequence, Mystery Date, The Rescuers, and Five Crazy Women. There is no better deal in comics.Years ago, I dreamed of seeing a Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane Archives, because her earliest appearances were too expensive for me, and now we have Volume 1 (MAY11 0250, DC Comics, $59.99, December 21). I can’t suggest it for a Christmas present, given how specialized an audience it has and the increased price, but I’m going to love its retro sexism.
Brenda Starr, Reporter: The Collected Daily and Sunday Newspaper Strips Volume 1 (MAY11 1109, Hermes Press, $60, August) reprints in 288 pages the character’s first two Sunday storylines in full color plus the first daily strip sequence. I’d really like to check out the history, since this is the first strip written and drawn by a woman, Dale Messick, but it’s a tad pricey.Little Nothings 4: My Shadow in the Distance (MAY11 1142, NBM, $14.99, July 27) continues the wonderful autobiographical strips by Lewis Trondheim. You can see samples at the NBM blog.

2 Responses to “Coming Up: Graphic Novels Due After July 2011”

  1. Grant Says:

    That Lois Lane Archives looks pretty cool. I thought DC had stopped doing Archive Editions. Nice to know they’re still cranking them out.

    I love the covers to that series. So funny. I’ve only got a few issues. Mostly from the late 60s (had a crush on Thorn). But I think Lois had almost as many costumes as the Wasp!

  2. Thad Says:

    Yay to Lois Archive, boo to overpriced hardcover. (Significantly cheaper at your Amazon link, but still pricey, and I won’t buy comics from them.)




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