Cross Game MMF Manga Out Loud Podcast With Host Derik Badman

To support this week’s Cross Game Manga Moveable Feast, Ed and I spoke with Derik Badman, MMF host at the Panelists blog.

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The latest Manga Out Loud podcast opens by talking to Derik about some of his background and history with comics. (The scanlation that he and I both love is Yokohama Shopping Trip (Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou).) We then talk about baseball comics, the French comic market, Richmond’s local baseball teams, the other works of Mitsuru Adachi, and Strange Sports Stories (check out the covers!).

Around the 24:30 mark, we welcome Brian Ruh, another Cross Game fan, for another half-hour of more in-depth discussion specific to the series, including talking about whether or not you should be a baseball fan to appreciate baseball manga; how much shojo there is in this shonen title; and Adachi’s in-jokes. I really enjoyed this conversation, because it showed me new things to appreciate about the Cross Game series. Thanks, Brian and Derik!


  1. Why DID the devil challenge the world series baseball team?

  2. Is that a riddle? I don’t know, why did he?

  3. That was the first of the Strange Sports Stories (based on the covers at least).

  4. Oh, I didn’t check in that detail. I think my husband has those issues — when he’s better, I should ask him to get them out so I can read them.

  5. […] a basic understanding of the game is needed to follow the manga. I love how Johanna put it during our podcast: Adachi gives you a guided tour of each game. He’s not out to impress the reader with his mastery […]

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