Good Comics Out May 25: Manga and Trondheim

The periodical comic list this week is somewhat sparse, so I’d like to point you to some good manga out this week:

  • A Bride’s Story, from Yen Press ($16.99), an absolutely gorgeous historical romance with an unusual twist — an older, immensely capable wife and a boyish husband.
  • Arisa Book 2 ($10.99), one of Kodansha USA’s first manga releases. The first volume was stronger, but this shojo series shows great promise for the long run.
  • Saturn Apartments Book 3 ($12.99), another slice-of-life sci-fi installment from Viz. I’m prepping a review, but first, I had to go back and read the previous volume, to make sure I didn’t miss anything — it’s that deep.

On the graphic novel front, I am eager to read Approximate Continuum Comics (Fantagraphics, $18.99), a new collection of Lewis Trondheim’s autobiographical pieces.

Also out from Fantagraphics is Yeah! ($19.99), a forgotten take on girl groups in space written by Peter Bagge and drawn by Gilbert Hernandez. I’m curious to see if this re-release of a former WildStorm title finds a new audience from quite a different publisher, one more typical of the creators. I fear that the loss of color may flatten the stories a bit, but I suspect the wacky creativity will cover for it.

For kids, I have reliable evidence that they will love Binky to the Rescue (Kids Can Press, $8.95), an adorable story of a cat who thinks he’s an astronaut.

Superhero fans, and those interested in the upcoming movie, should check out Captain America: Man Out of Time (Marvel, $19.99) by Mark Waid and Jorge Molina. I liked it for its approachable take on the character.

3 Responses to “Good Comics Out May 25: Manga and Trondheim”

  1. Reeve Says:

    Maybe I’ll pick up the Yeah! collection. And speaking of DC and Peter Bagge, I hope that there will also be one for Sweatshop sometime in the future (it’s my favorite of his series, and I’d love for more people to read it).

  2. Kat Kan Says:

    Yeah! is a great story. I purchased all the issues for my teen department at the public library where I worked back when the comics came out. And I purchased all the issues for myself. I’d always hoped that some day the collection would come out …

  3. *The Initiates — Recommended » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] part, though, featured a creator I loved — Lewis Trondheim guest-stars to discuss his Approximate Continuum Comics. Leroy doesn’t like it much, particularly wondering why Trondheim draws himself with a bird […]




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