Savage Beauty Issues Cancelled, Go Direct to Collection

Savage Beauty hardcover

Cover by Paul Gulacy

Moonstone’s “jungle girl” book Savage Beauty may not be doing as well as hoped. They ran a contest to bump preorders for issue #1 in March, but the following issues have now been cancelled.

However, that material (including, presumably, the promised in-comic appearance in #3 for the contest winner) is now planned to appear as a “limited edition” hardcover, according to Moonstone’s plans for September. This 70-page volume (somewhat short for a typical collection) is promoted as “collecting issue #1 and the never-before-published issues #2 and #3!” All this — three issues of story by Mike Bullock and Jose Massaroli — can be yours for $29.99 US.

Given this, I would presume that there won’t be a #4 in any format.

5 Responses to “Savage Beauty Issues Cancelled, Go Direct to Collection”

  1. ShadZ Says:

    Wow, that’s a spectacular failure. However, after reading the first issue, I’m not very surprised…

  2. Mike T Says:

    Three issues of an unknown comic for $30? Nope.

  3. Richard Vasseur Says:

    I’m that winner and that sucks. Well at least I’ll be in the hardcover than.

  4. Johanna Says:

    I’m sorry for you. Hopefully they will still send you a signed copy, as promised, but of the hardcover.

  5. Richard Vasseur Says:

    I’m still waiting to recieve my contest winnings? I was told it would take a while but all the stuff was sent to the company from the creators. I talked to the writer personally. Looks like Moonstone just forgot about me. At least they should have sent me something for winning the contest. I bought extra issues of # 1 just for the chance of winning.




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