Mimi and Eunice: Misinformation Wants to Be Free

Misinformation Wants to Be Free

Nina Paley, cartoonist and copyright reform activist, has created a new strip, Mimi and Eunice, to spread her ideas on copying as sharing. Over 200 of these strips have now been collected in print as Misinformation Wants to Be Free.

The art is minimal, although quite capable, and the different colors used for each panel background are lovely. The point of the strips is noting the observations the characters make, putting a different spin on accepted wisdom, whether about intellectual property or relationships or spirituality. Here are some I’ve enjoyed (click the image for a link back):

Mimi & Eunice on Originality

Mimi & Eunice on suffering

Mimi & Eunice on obscurity

Mimi & Eunice on right and wrong

Even when I disagree with Paley, she makes me think, and I love how cute and yet prickly (in personality, just like “real” people) her little blobs are. Their philosophies can be quite eye-opening; by questioning the conventional wisdom, they spur fresh perspectives. In a way, Mimi and Eunice are like fortune cookies, only a lot more thought-provoking and relevant.

You can only get the book through print on demand. For an alternate perspective on “copyleft” and intellectual property, the guys at Webcomics Weekly spoke out against it on a recent podcast.

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