Curriculum Comics: Strips About the Theory of Teaching

A couple of years ago, Andrew Wales, an art teacher in Pennsylvania, put together some comics about pedagogical theory, or how to be a better instructor, that he calls Curriculum Comics. He was working on his Ph.D., and for class final projects, he would create these “issues” to sum up what he’d learned. The main four tackle

Curriculum Comics cover

  • The Teacher as Reflective Practitioner — or considering how you can change what you’re doing to improve results. A significant portion of this book also covers Wales’ history as an artist.
  • Learning Styles — how to teach kids based on how they best learn, with fables and examples
  • Theoretical Models of Classroom Discipline
  • Multiple Intelligences — a history of testing to determine smartness and the different kinds of intelligence

Since those longer comics, he’s also created six shorter ones starring Halcolm (pronounced “how come?”, a character created by Michael Quinn Patton) to illustrate parables of research. He’s posted all of them at his blog, so you’ll want to scroll back and then read forward, or he’s reposted some of them, with comments about how they were created, at this discussion forum.

This material is certainly aimed at a particular, limited audience — my eyes were glazing over just a bit in some of the heavier reference sections — but it’s a neat example of how beneficial comics can be in conveying information, even if specialized. Wales has an open, approachable style that puts the focus on the content, not the art. His work definitely makes the content much more memorable.

2 Responses to “Curriculum Comics: Strips About the Theory of Teaching”

  1. Susan Wales Says:

    As an educator Wales’ summary of Pedalogical Theory (in form of comics) is refreshing and timely.


  2. Jessica Attardo Says:

    I have used Wales’ work for classroom reference and have found it beneficial in my doctoral work. They are a “must have” as a great reminder to the classroom teacher!




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