Viz Puts Early Naruto Manga on Sale Digitally

Naruto on the Viz iPhone app

For two weeks, until Friday, June 17, Viz has reduced digital prices for Naruto volumes 1-27. Since Volume 51 comes out next week, consider this a back issue sale for a good jumping-on point.

Instead of the typical $4.99 a book, Naruto 1-27 are only $3.99 each through the Viz Manga app (available for iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch). That’s 20% off. Since Naruto, by Masashi Kishimoto about a boy training to become a ninja, has already sold more than 85 million copies, no worries here about affecting print sales — digital release, especially at a discounted price, will likely only bring more readers.

What a comparison! For $3.99, you can get almost 200 digital pages of manga, or 40 pages of online superheros. The Viz app, although limiting its audience technically by not providing Android or web versions, contains over 250 volumes split over 30 series.

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