Anime Studio Version 8 Update Brings New Features

This month, Smith Micro Software is releasing updated versions of its Anime Studio animation software. Version 8 comes in both Debut and Pro flavors — Pro, at a suggested price of $200, is for those serious about computer animation development, while Debut, at $50, is an affordable way to experiment.

Of course, Pro has more features, while Debut is limited in what you can create (up to two minutes of animation) but has simpler menus and interface improvements to make it easier for those just starting. The Debut version tries to make “best guesses” for the user to assist in drawing and clean up, while Pro provides more control. New features in Version 8 of both products include:

  • A Character Wizard that lets you tweak preset characters to get started fast. Choose from different animation styles and mix and match parts.
  • Automatic Image Tracing converts your sketches to vector art for easier manipulation.
  • Import Photoshop layer files with automatic real-time updating between the two programs

Excerpts from the press release follow. Look, Dave Gibbons likes it!

If you’re an aspiring animator looking to bring your ideas to life, Anime Studio Debut 8 provides a rich, full-featured experience that simplifies the process and allows you to produce high-quality animations with little instruction.

“Animation has the unique ability to communicate the joy, sorrow, laughter, and adventure that live action can’t always convey,” said Dave Gibbons, Watchmen co-creator and well-known comic book artist. “I’ve used Smith Micro’s graphics solutions for many years. Products like Anime Studio provide fun, easy-to-create tools that let you add life to your storytelling and make character animation a breeze.”

Owners of previous versions can upgrade to Debut 8 for $20, Pro 8 for $130. If you’re going to the San Diego Con, they’ll be showing the product there.

4 Responses to “Anime Studio Version 8 Update Brings New Features”

  1. Matthew Jeske Says:

    i’m interested in this. but only 2 minutes for the debut version. Eeeegg!

  2. Johanna Says:

    That’s about the length of a movie trailer, right? I know, that seemed short to me, too, but they have to do something to keep everyone from using the cheap version, I guess.

  3. John Jordan Says:

    Sounds short but if you do a feature by feature comparison (available at their site) you’ll see both versions are pretty close point by point.
    Besides, you can output in a variety of formats including AVI or MOV. Couldn’t you animate scenes then import into Windows Live Movie Maker for longer animations?
    Anyone who has done any serious animation knows that two minutes is a very very long time.
    Comparison chart is here

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