KC: The Hot News of the DC Relaunch

In his latest Westfield column, KC writes about the DC relaunch news and his reactions to it from the perspective of a long-time fan. He’s concerned about the timing of the announcements, among other things, and ponders who the new audience is intended to be.

2 Responses to “KC: The Hot News of the DC Relaunch”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Interesting take on things. I know I am already in my mind going “yeah I’ll sample that, no I wouldn’t look at at that, if only there wasn’t so much I’d try that…” for the titles. Because I keep in mind that there are other publishers out there doing good stuff too, plus movies, non-comic books etc.

    I guess I wonder if fanboys really win in Barbara becoming Batgirl again, as from what I’ve seen its been primarily the long time fans who are doing the most complaining about the move.

    I’m curious about it, as of course Oracle is a better written character than Barbara was as Batgirl. That’s what makes me curious about the move, as there hasn’t been modern take on Barbara as Batgirl. Now of course if its all T&A and she’s bowing down to Batman and being derided like the poor Huntress character has been for 2 decades then it’ll be a bad move.

    Yet every comic character, be it Superman, Batman, Captain America or Spider-Man goes through changes. Barbara’s been in sort of a holding pattern in the chair for a couple of decades now. I think you have to shake things up now and again for every character, including her.

    If it doesn’t work, well I don’t think it’d take that much to change again. Hopefully it’d be done a lot more wonderful than Killing Joke was.

    Sorry for soap boxing, its just I see this stuff everywhere right now, and I just wanted to get my thoughts out of my head.

    Now KC… what about coming up with a nickname for the new DCU? I really don’t like the DCnU that’s going around right now.

  2. Dwight Williams Says:

    I know my emotional investment was and is with “Barbara-as-Oracle(whether wheelchair-bound or not)”

    As for the nickname: how about “DCU v.4.0″?




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