June Manga Moveable Feast Launches for Wild Adapter

The latest Manga Moveable Feast, an online gathering focusing on covering one manga title or author, is Wild Adapter. Melinda Beasi and Michelle Smith at Manga Bookshelf are co-hosting discussion this week, kicking off with an introduction to the series.

Unfortunately, due to timing and availability, Ed and I won’t be able to participate in this go-round. I’m not a big fan of gang story or boys’ love manga, although I would have tried it if the library had it, but no luck. At the time of the planning of this event, the publisher, Tokyopop, hadn’t yet gone out of business, but the six volumes published are easily available used at discount prices. It appears the future of the series is in question, although since the series is character-driven, not plot-driven, according to fans, that’s less of an impediment than it sounds. If you have a chance to do so, check out Wild Adapter for this MMF week!


  1. Thank you for publicizing our Feast!

    I would definitely agree that the series’ unfinished status is really not a problem. Sure, I’d like to get further with the mystery of W.A., but each volume really stands alone as a complete arc, so its success does not hinge on the overarching plot much at all.

    I’m quite sorry that your library does not have the series. I would have loved to see your take on it, and Ed’s as well! I think it may not be what you expect. :)

  2. Thanks for confirming that. I trust your take more than random internet commenter. I look forward to finding out more about the series as the week goes on.

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