All Nighter #1

I first remember making note of David Hahn‘s work 15 years or so ago, with his Private Beach: Fun and Perils in the Trudyverse. I liked his clean linework, his fascinating characters, and the skilled way he blended the everyday observation of people just hanging out with really weird occurrences.

All Nighter #1 cover

He went on to greater awareness by drawing Bite Club and other DC comics, and now he’s back writing his own work with All Nighter. This story was originally planned to be a Minx graphic novel, but after the demise of that line, it’s being serialized as a five-issue miniseries.

Issue #1 is out tomorrow, and it’s better than I expected (and I had high hopes to start). I’m intrigued and eager to read more about Kit, who instead of breaking up with her loser boyfriend, as she planned, goes along with his robbery plan. She’s going to art school and rationalizes the theft (along with lots of other things) to herself, in this case as a way to buy the supplies she’ll need without depending on her dad. Roommates Sally-O (kind diner waitress, good head on her shoulders) and Donna (self-centered, at least according to Kit, and always complaining) round out the cast.

Kit’s observations feel very realistic, revealing her inner self, warts and all. I want to be one of her friends, shaking some sense into her about the choices she’s making, especially when it comes to Dwayne the bad influence. Hahn is incredibly skilled with black-and-white work, especially when it comes to his characters, their settings and attitudes. By the time of the cliffhanger, I’ve enjoyed the lovely pictures and am eager to find out how this cast continues to spiral together.

As part of this interview with Hahn, you can read all of #1 for yourself.

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  1. Pointless Nonsense Says:

    […] All Nighter is a crime-and-hipster-kids comic from David Hahn, the guy who did Bite Club. It has a weird Stray Bullets meets Scott Pilgrim vibe, what with the generally no-good indie kids hanging out and having relationship drama and committing crimes. It has a weird feel to it, but I actually like the idea, so I’m sold. […]




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