Snarked #0

When Boom! lost the Muppet comic license, I was disappointed, since Roger Langridge’s Muppet comics were the best licensed comic work I’d ever read. They were funny, entertaining, faithful to the property, and overall great reads.

Snarked 0 cover

Now, Boom! is offering a new humor comic by Langridge, Snarked!. The first issue, a number 0 sampler available for $1, can be ordered from comic stores now. It’s due in shops August 3, and issue #1 will follow in October.

Roger uses Lewis Carroll’s Walrus and the Carpenter, another set of familiar faces, in an opening eight-page story. The rest of the issue contains some character sketches, a reprint of Carroll’s “The Hunting of the Snark” and “The Walrus and the Carpenter”, some puzzles and joke pages, and other oddments. (I can’t help but wonder, given how Disney took away the Muppets and their big movie last year was Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, if using this particular set of public domain characters is a bit of a tweak.)

I really wanted to like Snarked!, but the sad fact is, I don’t have the connection to these characters I did to the Muppets. That’s where the magic happened, in seeing old favorites brought to new life by an immense talent. The talent’s still there, but I just don’t feel any desire to see him play with these unlikeable new toys. I wish him well with the title, but I’m not a customer for this.

Langridge has been interviewed about the book and his approach to it, while you can read preview pages online.

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