Wipeout Returns With Hotties vs. Nerds
June 23, 2011

Tonight at 8 PM Eastern on ABC, the live-action cartoon game Wipeout returns with an episode promoted as having “twelve beautiful women face off against twelve nerdy men” in a battle of Geek vs. Chic. However, judging from this promotional picture, once the giant props start smacking you around, it’s hard to tell whether you’re male or female under all the mud and safety gear.

Wipeout image

Do you watch the show? I’ve never seen it, although I’m told by friends that their kids love it. I think the “pretty vs. geeky” is a bit played out, myself, a relic of an older time. If they’d included pretty boys and geek girls as well, then I’d be tuning in.

2 Responses  
Chris Pitzer writes:  

I’ll get sucked into it now and again. They have some funny bits at times. But yeah, not sure about this theme.

Bill D. writes:  

After 3 or 4 seasons of Beauty and the Geek, it’s not even a particularly new match-up for reality television.


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