Fighting Yamako-Chan Chapter 2

Review by Ed Sizemore

Fighting Yamako-Chan Chapter 2

Picking up where volume 1 left off, Yamako continues her quest to find her father in chapter 2, “In the Court of the Cursed Lord”. Her journey leads her to the unusual Lord Norou.

Yamako is beginning to realize that her unique upbringing might not have best prepared her for adventures in the world at large. She may be naïve, but she’s not stupid, and she quickly adapts to her circumstances. Her down-to-earth point of view always leads her to make wry and insightful observations.

This second chapter is just as quickly paced as the first. Ramirez does a great job of maintaining a sense of absurdity without crossing the line into silliness. The single-issue format works well for the series; there is just enough story and humor to keep you interested without wearing out its welcome.

Fighting Yamako-Chan is a good over-the-top satire of the classic samurai epic. My main concern is the price point. $8.00 is a lot for a 32-page comic. Granted, that’s all story and no ads. But this is dangerously close to a graphic novel price without the page count. Hopefully, Fighting Yamako-Chan will find a larger audience to help drive down the printing cost and thus the price.

The comic is printed on demand through Comixpress. (The artist provided a review copy.)

2 Responses to “Fighting Yamako-Chan Chapter 2”

  1. Tom Ramirez Says:

    Thanks again, Ed, for your insight. Per your suggestion and as an added incentive, I’ve lowered the price of FYC #2 to $6.50.

  2. Ed Sizemore Says:


    That’s great. I think that’s much more attractive to comic readers. Hope it sells well for you.




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