Manga Out Loud Discusses Josei in the U.S.

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This week, Ed and I had the pleasure of being joined by Melinda Beasi and David Welsh to discuss manga for women (josei) and its history in the U.S. (That’s why I put together the josei manga timeline, as research.) It was a wonderful conversation with recommendations, speculation, and hope for the future — plus, the technical issues we’ve experienced in the past were resolved, now that I have better internet. I really enjoyed the conversation, and thanks to Ed for setting it all up.

Update: Melinda posted a followup essay about the lack of respect for female readers that’s a must-read. Among her many salient points is this:

… we’ve been conditioned to believe that something specifically created with girls or women in mind is less well-crafted, less intelligent, and less universally relevant than something that’s not. I came down pretty hard on female readers in that earlier HU article for distancing themselves from “girly” stuff, but there are a lot of reasons why that happens, a lot of traps set for women to fall into, and it’s really quite difficult to avoid those traps since they’ve been in place for so long.

The comments are quite enlightening as well.

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