Watch Leverage Season Premiere Free on iTunes
June 28, 2011

Right now (and I don’t know for how long), the Season 4 premiere of Leverage is available for free on iTunes. I haven’t watched this particular episode yet, but I’m planning to, because the show is great escapist summer watching. This time, they go mountain climbing!

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Grant writes:  

Leverage is a “Pass” for me. I wanted to like it becuase I’m a big fan of Hutton, but I watched the first season and thought it was just a watered down tv level version of “The Losers” with generous helpings of 80s era fare like Equalizer and Strike Force.

Burn Notice incorporates those same 80s tropes, basically doing the same job in a much more entertaining way and it has the benifit of having Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless and a varitey of much more interesting character actors from tv and movies past.

Johanna writes:  

A lot of the cable TV shows are reminiscent of the structure and pacing of older-style television, and that’s precisely why I like them, especially during the summer. They’re entertaining without being too challenging, with characters I want to spend time with. I like the premise of Leverage much more than Burn Notice, though.


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