Good Comics Out June 29: Philosophers and Two Kinds of Zombies

I’m glad it’s a light week for comics, because I have a bunch of recent releases to catch up on over the upcoming long weekend. (It’s America’s Birthday!)

DC continues with Flashpoint, which seems pretty meaningless to me, so their only purchase for me is Xombi #4 ($2.99). It’s not as great as I hoped it would be, frankly, but I enjoy the crazy ideas, even if the art is sometimes static.

Marvel’s got several Captain America one-shots. I know I’ve finally moved beyond traditional comic fandom in looking at them, because I didn’t preorder any, and I can no longer remember what set them apart when they were offered two months ago. (Once upon a time, I would have had a spreadsheet.) So I’ll browse, and see which ones seem interesting.

I’m enjoying the end of the Incredible Hulks series by Greg Pak, so I was excited to see an Incredible Hulks Annual ($3.99) listed, but I’m really glad I checked it out before shopping — it’s by someone else entirely and concludes some other storyline from other characters’ annuals. Not interested.

I also note that they’re collecting One Month to Live in paperback. This immensely forgettable miniseries came out in hardcover in January, and I can’t imagine demand drove this choice. In the brave new world we face, it would be a good thing if some comics didn’t get collected, if there was some kind of quality filter where publishers only put out books that they were committed to keeping in print as quality reads.

Much more worth your dollar is a relist of the More-Than-Complete Action Philosophers! book (Evil Twin Comics, $24.95). Learning the history of philosophy has never been so entertaining.

Another round of Tokyopop zombie books are also listed. Apparently, this is the last list of preorders that are trickling out from the dead company. Which is something of a problem for me — I really liked The Stellar Six of Gingacho, and a third book ($10.99) is listed, but Amazon isn’t carrying it, and I didn’t preorder it, so I’m not sure where I’m going to find it. I guess I’ll keep searching the internet.

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