Win Transformers: The Japanese Collection – Headmasters
June 30, 2011

My earlier Transformers contest was so successful that I have another DVD set to give away!

Transformers: The Japanese Collection – Headmasters will be released on July 5. This four-DVD set contains 35 episodes with the original Japanese audio and updated English subtitles. It’s priced at $29.93, but one lucky reader will win the set for free. Just leave a comment below telling me why you want it.

Winner will be picked randomly from all entries on Monday, July 4. For a second chance to win, post a comment (with a link) showing me you mentioned this contest on Twitter. Tell your friends! (U.S. and Canada addresses only. Winners will be emailed to confirm address. If email is not answered within 24 hours or a valid email address is not provided, a replacement winner will be selected. Your email won’t be used for any other purpose.)

Here’s a slideshow of some of the characters in the series:

19 Responses  
Paul writes:  

What better excuse to throw a Transformers party?

Chris Collins writes:  

I’d love to watch the show having to read subtitles. As if it was a foreign film.

Betenoire writes:  

Head on! I’d love to have this added to my Transformers DVD collection and even have a few toys from this series to keep it company as well.

hardtravelinghero writes:  

I’ve never seen the Headmasters series or any Japanese TF series that wasn’t officially imported and aired on Cartoon Network and I’d love to know more about the TF mythology and how this fits in.

James Schee writes:  

I just sat through 2 and a half hours of the new movie, with my nephew. I deserve something for that lol. Kidding of course, Transformers along with GI Joe were my entry points into comics, and I’ve always heard about, but never seen this dramatic different take (that what we saw here in the US) that this is.

Barney writes:  

It would be a great Christmas gift for a friend of mine who really loves Transformers.

Josh writes:  

Simply because I’m curious.

Phil Watts, Jr. writes:  

QUESTION: Do they have the original English-dubbing in this DVD set? Because if it’s anywhere near as (unintentionally) hilarious as the “LIFE CAN BE SACRIFICED FOR PEACE ON EARTH” episode (yes–that’s what they translated the title as), then I want it right now!

BTW, in the original English dubbing, Blaster is called BILLY, Metroplex is named PHILIP, Jazz is MARSHALL, and Spike is SPARKLE! I kid you not!

kris larsen writes:  

My son would be doing cartwheels if I got this in the mail!

kris larsen writes:  

I watched Transformers Victory a few years ago, and all the stuff about the new TF movie had me looking through a Wiki and remembering about the whole Japanese continuity I knew nothing about. If nothing else, Headmasters is great for Galvatron dying via ice.

edward priddy writes:  

have never seen these. Always been a bit curious.

Dan Coyle writes:  

I want this DVD set because there’s going to be a party and I might get lucky.

Ranma711 writes:  

I remember reading the Headmasters comic book by marvel, they should be in my collection @ the cottage.

BTW I haven’t received the videos from the first contest, but that maybe due to the postal strike here in Canada.

V. Jill writes:  

A good reason to want this DVD set revolves around being one of the only girls on my block with a Starscream toy. Skipper was thrilled with her new boyfriend, even if he was a little short and bent on world domination.

Wesley writes:  

I would like this set because the only Transformers show I’ve ever seen was Beast Wars, so I would like to understand more about the overall story of the series and who these characters are that everybody else seems to know and love.

Patz writes:  

I have been dying to own the Japanese Transformers shows on DVD for years. I am a huge transformers nut and own all the other shows that were released on DVD here.

Johanna writes:  

Thanks, everyone! A winner has been selected by random draw and emailed. I appreciate your participation and thanks for reading the site!


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