GEN Manga Launches With Free First Issue

GEN 1 cover

A new publisher has launched GEN Manga, a short anthology promising “indie manga from the Tokyo Underground”.

The monthly magazine is available for $2.99 per PDF issue (or $1.99 with this discount link). The first issue is free, with four stories. There are print versions, but they’re considered limited editions and a bit pricey ($10 for 140 pages).

The manga are seinen doujinshi, self-published works created in Japan for the American market. Daniella Orihuela-Gruber reviewed the stories, calling them more “mainstream” than alternative, more familiar than original, and asking for more proofreading. (Gen promotes itself as “raw and fresh”, but that shouldn’t excuse typos and sloppiness.) Meanwhile, Julie at Manga Maniac Cafe interviewed Editor-in-Chief Robert McGuire about his goals for the publication.

I’m not looking for more manga to read, so I’m not signing up, especially for unknown creators and concepts that sound generic. I flipped through a sample of “Kanen”, but it was slow to grab me. Still, I applaud someone trying a new method of distribution.

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