KC Likes Some Stuff for September

Ha! For the first time in months, I beat KC to the Previews recommendations! KC’s latest Westfield column covers his journey through the list of material due in September 2011, including his thoughts on the DC relaunch, the astounding-looking Pogo collection (and a few more goodies from Fantagraphics), and some Halloween suggestions.

3 Responses to “KC Likes Some Stuff for September”

  1. David Oakes Says:

    Man, I am *so* glad that “Little Girl Zombie (Adult)” didn’t turn out the way that I feared…

  2. James Schee Says:

    Hmm not enough discount on 52 #1s from Westfield or DCBS ($80) for me to forgo my don’t pre-order plan. Heck if I wait 4 weeks after issue release I can actually get them for only 20 cents more that the average per issue price at DCBS.

    Speaking of which, I wonder if DC is changing their approach to how thy view successes? Previously going only on direct market they knew by the time issue 2 came out, whether the series was going to be canceled. Will they give more rope to see how many actually sell, instead of how many are ordered?

    I loved that bowling gag on the Archie cover, KC points to!

    Why is there a jackass on the cover to Mickey Mouse volume?

    Neat stuff to look forward to I’m sure.

  3. Roger A Says:

    James – That is Horace Horsecollar on the cover of the Mickey Mouse book. He was used quite a lot in the black and white Mickey cartoons and was in a number of the early strips as well.




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