Warner Announces Best of Green Lantern DVD to Promote New Animated Series
July 7, 2011

Best of Green Lantern

In their continuing attempts to ignore the failure of the Green Lantern movie — it’s out of my local big suburban theater as of tomorrow, just three weeks after release, even though Warner may be still considering a sequel because of their investment in the property, especially for merchandising — the company has announced a Best of Green Lantern DVD collecting five previously shown episodes focusing on the character.

  • “In Brightest Day”, from Superman: The Animated Series
  • “In Blackest Night”, parts 1 and 2, from Justice League
  • “Ring Toss”, from The Batman
  • “The Eyes of Despero!” from Batman: The Brave and the Bold

The disc, due out November 1 and priced at $14.97, is geared to promote Green Lantern: The Animated Series, to air on the Cartoon Network later this year. Here’s the trailer for that CGI-driven effort:

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James Schee writes:  

What. No Duck Dodgers episode where Daffy got the ring? For shame!! Lol

I liked that Brightest Day ep fairly well, I don’t recall the rest. Was Hal the GL in any of them? Kyle was in Superman, John was in JL and I think Guy was in B&B. I never saw the Batman episode.

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