What Do You Show to a New Reader?

In a followup to his column two weeks ago, KC continues looking at the question of new comic readers in his latest Westfield column. This time around, it’s a mini-play featuring a well-meaning comic book store clerk and a fan of superhero movies who wants to try comics. (You may recall we discussed something similar here last month.) Find out what KC recommends starting with at the link.

One Response to “What Do You Show to a New Reader?”

  1. James Schee Says:

    He makes a lot of good points, I can still remember being a teenager walking into a comic shop for the first time. It was down from a store in a strip mall my mom worked at.

    I had read G.I Joe, a few Superman, Spider-Man and such comics at a local grocery store. Yet when they stopped carrying them I went about 4 to 6 years without seeing a comic.

    Then I found the comic shop, and whew was it sensory overload. Boxes and walls of comics, and me with no idea how any of it worked. I remember it taking 2 months before the shop guy realized I was going to be a regular customer. So he explained to me that the new comics were on the wall. Or that most comics were only published once a month.

    The pull boxes, preordering and the like came within a year or two after that.




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