Win a Burn Notice Prize Pack to Promote the New Day Online Comic
July 11, 2011

USA Network and DC Comics have teamed up to create a Burn Notice comic, an online serialized graphic novel called “A New Day” that includes original video and game content.

Burn Notice graphic novelBurn Notice: A New Day

A New Day” is being posted one issue a week for 12 weeks, with three chapters available so far. It’s written by the creative team behind the show, including series creator Matt Nix, with art by Tony Shasteen, and the interactive experience aims to “reveal the missing pieces between Seasons 4 and 5 of the show”. The original story can be followed on the web, as an iTunes app, and coming soon, for Android as well.

To promote the comic, I have one giveaway Burn Notice fan pack. It contains

Burn Notice prize pack

To enter the contest for this giveaway, valued at over $125, simply post a comment saying whether or not you watch the TV show and why. Winner will be picked randomly from all entries on Thursday, July 14. (U.S. addresses only. Winners will be emailed to confirm address. If email is not answered within 24 hours or a valid email address is not provided, a replacement winner will be selected. Your email won’t be used for any other purpose.)

30 Responses  
Bill Jennings writes:  

We watch Burn Notice every week. We love the actors, the action is fun, the show looks great, and it’s an enjoyable hour of escape. The Sam Axe movie was enjoyable, and I’m excited to hear that the next movie will focus on Fiona!

Karendipitee writes:  

I have watched Burn Notice from the beginning. It has great writing and acting and is filmed all on location in my beautiful Florida.

kamandi68 writes:  

Burn Notice is a great show! Gets better every season.

clickwhistle writes:  

Absolutely. I love the humor!

Kirkerson writes:  

I never considered watching this show (something to do with Aziz Ansari’s jokes about TNT’s dramas) until my brother-in-law recommended it. I’m looking forward to giving it a watch.

Steve writes:  

I do watch – even got the wife hooked. We watch because it’s a nice escape – explosions and shootouts, good-looking people, beautiful Miami, and some Bruce Campbell humor! Can’t go wrong!

Ashley writes:  

I watch every week. You have great characters, action, and humor. What more could I ask for?

ShadZ writes:  

I do watch it; started in the second season. It’s fun and stylish!

Jay writes:  

I don’t watch the tv show because we don’t have cable. Sounds interesting though. If I win, I’ll have to find a way (rent?) to watch the prior seasons of the show.

Betenoire writes:  

I tend to watch it on DVD rather than TV. Tend to forget when things are on.

Brian Love writes:  

I watch Burn Notice for Michael Weston’s monologues on how to be a spy, the action sequences, and the the ever lovin Bruce Campbell!

David Oakes writes:  

I do watch the show. I started to watch it just because of Bruce Campbell. I stayed watching it because they blow up a lot of stuff. But as I was watching it I discovered two things:

1) Jeffrey Donovan is a good actor. And with his character, Michael Westin, having to take on so many different roles in his role as a spy, you can see the craft right there on the screen. And yet it never feels artificial.

2) For all the Miami Vice scenary and Miami Vice pyrotechnics, it is really a show about family. All of the relationships, both personal and professional, that Michael couldn’t have as a spy have now come back into his life full force. How to work with ex-coworkers – ex-enemies – out of the usual job situation. Getting to know one’s mother now that you are an adult. These are some pretty heady themes.

That’s not to say that the show, like so much serial drama in this post-X-Files, post-Lost world, doesn’t occassionally get it’s head too far up it’s own mythos. But as long as you skip the first and last show of the later seasons, this half-cowboy, half-boy scout exploration of vigilante terrorism is much more than the sum of it’s gun play.

S Dial writes:  

I watched Burn Notice. It’s like Mcguyver but only slightly more realistic…

S Dial writes:  

Er.. That should read I watch Burn Notice. I don’t want to come across dissing the show. The Mcguyver comment is a compliment.

Mike R. writes:  

I watch the show. I love the scenery and Bruce Campbell is one of my favorite underrated actors.

Ali T. Kokmen writes:  

I watch the show too and enjoy it for all the reasons mentioned already. Plus I’ll add that Sharon Gless as Michael’s mother has become a really interesting character. Maddie’s change from the clingy hypochondriac she was in the earliest episodes to the strong, sly woman she’s shown herself to be really shows how this show has grown.

chasdom writes:  

I watch the show with my wife, it’s a good balance between poppy entertainment and complex spy stories. The Miami backdrop is just gorgeous. My wife especially likes when Michael explains his thoughts with voiceover as he is making one of his devious plans.

hardtravelinghero writes:  

I don’t watch the show because I don’t have TV and therefore I am no longer inundated by commercials for things and I’ve not heard enough about it to seek it out online, though perhaps this contest will prompt such action.

Torchwood Wants to Sell You an App With Miracle Day Clues » DVDs Worth Watching writes:  

[…] apps to promote TV series, especially those shows with genre connections. (Two recent ones I’m aware of are Burn Notice and Falling Skies.) Is it typical […]

Mandi Miller writes:  

I live for this show. I have posters on my wall that I had made. I have every episode and movie on my Ipod so I can watch it whenever I want. (Which is mostly at work, don;t tell my boss). I love everything about the show. from the writing and the editing. The acting is awesome as well.

Joe Palmer writes:  

Seems I’ve completely overlooked a fun TV series. Looks like another show for either Netflix or checking my library for DVDs.

Bailey kaye writes:  

I absolutely love this show! Jeffrey Donovan is an amazing actor and Bruce adds the perfect sense of humor. I tune in to watch Burn Notice every Thursday night and love every second of it. I have every season on DVD except season 4 so this is perfect!!

John writes:  

My wife got me hooked. We were big Monk fans, so if Donovan (Westin) could get me to like him after he was so nasty to our beloved Adrian Monk (in a guest appearance) he must be pretty good.
I like all of the spy info; tho’ wondering if it is all accurate. Nice action, nice scenery, and helping out the little guy (the client) each episode!

Kat Kan writes:  

My whole family watches Burn Notice. I love action shows, and I love the ensemble of great actors playing terrific, flawed characters. I’m of an age to appreciate Sharon Gless’s portrayal of Maggie. The show’s got just about everything – slam-bang action, humor, drama, twisty plots, …

takingitoutside writes:  

I was directed to BN for the comedy, Bruce Campbell, the explosions and so on – all of which are great – but I love the show because of Fiona. No matter how many times I see the section of the opening sequence where she says “Should we shoot them?” it never gets old.

Chris Collins writes:  

I watched it for the first time a while back…the one episode I saw was pretty good, but it didn’t quite draw me back for another try. I think I might like it better consumed on DVD, all in a row.

Johanna writes:  

Thanks for entering, everyone! The winner has been chosen and emailed for their address. And thanks for reading!

jen in tenn writes:  

Love this show! Fun, sexy, interestingly twisty story lines, great character interaction. So happy they added Jesse and ditched Nate and Moon Bloodgood’s cop. Burn pack shoulda included Michael’s iconic shades, eh?!? :) Fingers crossed that I’ll win…

jen in tenn writes:  

Oh boo, I’m too late to win; still, happy to share the love.

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