Geppi’s Entertainment Museum Launches Social Network for Fans

Next week, as part of the turbulent hoo-hah that is Comic-Con International: San Diego, Geppi’s Entertainment Museum will officially launch the Fandom Advisory Network (FAN). It’s a social networking site with blogs, photos, videos, and a news feed.

FAN logo

(Strangely, the PR says that FAN “began its mission” at the San Diego Con last year. Apparently that meant taking some video footage. And their logo is the oh-so-creative choice of a word balloon.)

Now, with MySpace basically dead, Facebook ruling the world, and Google just launching Plus, this seems to me like a space that is more than covered. But I don’t feel like I need a new space for “pop culture lovers of just about every variety … to give a shout out to their fellow enthusiasts about what they like or love to collect” and express their “enthusiasm” and “passion”, so I’m not the audience.

I am intrigued, however, by the promise that with a bigger “collective voice”, the “collecting community” can “stand up and be counted”. If anyone can get fans to agree on one thing, that would be astounding. After all, we’re talking about a community where some people think that returning Superman to the heirs of the original creators, as provided by law, is a bad thing. In addition to assembling the numbers, FAN is promising “real, tangible benefits for our members (like discount admissions, special exclusive offers, and more).” So is this just a way to create a dedicated audience for Diamond overstock? (That company is only mentioned in the PR as sharing the FAN booth location, an interesting indicator of corporate structure, although the release went to the usual Diamond distribution list.)

To really get attention, there are contests. At the convention, there’s a “Find the FAN Cam” contest; at the same time, for those who don’t attend the show, they’re promising online trivia contests. Finally, you can win a trip for two to the New York Comic Con if you’re determined to be 2011’s Ultimate Fan. The prize package includes transportation to New York, hotel accommodations, 2 VIP tickets to New York Comic Con, a celebration dinner with superfan Steve Geppi, and more! To enter that contest, they want a video of you saying why you’re the Ultimate Fan before August 1. More rules are online.

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