Out This Week: A New Winnie the Pooh Movie
July 13, 2011

I think we may be looking forward to this more than many of the superhero films we’re supposed to be excited about this summer. Winnie the Pooh is out on Friday, a new feature-length film, is out this Friday in traditional 2-D animation.

Here’s a clip, with Jim Cummings as the bear, Craig Ferguson as Owl, and Travis Oates as Piglet.

And what a nicely minimal poster, standing out amongst all the spiky blue and orange:

Winnie the Pooh poster

3 Responses  
William George writes:  

That poster IS gorgeous. Poster designers need to stop being so lazy.

Kris writes:  

I am seriously excited about this film. Probably way more than someone my age should be. The old Many Adventures film is still one of my favorites.

Mark S. writes:  

I just finished reading my son the two original Winnie the Pooh books, so this is coming out at a great time for us.


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