Disney Publishing Launches Marvel Press Imprint, Origin Storybooks

Not much detail on this yet, but Disney Publishing Worldwide is hosting a panel at the San Diego Con about their Marvel publishing program. To promote it, they sent out this information:


For the first time, Disney Publishing is partnering with Marvel to take our publishing programs to the Marvel Universe — a place beyond our own vast imaginations, where superheroes swing from New York City skyscrapers and villains plot to advance their own self-interests. Marvel’s rich history is fertile ground for storytelling, and Disney Book Group’s newest imprint, Marvel Press, and DPW licensees will cultivate it with picture books, chapter books, novels, and storybooks, along with other groundbreaking ways of telling these amazing, classic stories.

So if you know a kid who wants more ways to focus on favorite Marvel superheroes, it looks like there will be PLENTY of product aimed at them.

You can learn more about this “amazing assortment of Marvelous kids books!” on Sunday, July 24, at 3 PM. “Editors from Disney Publishing Worldwide and Marvel” will “unveil their new line of Marvel Origin Storybooks for kids, featuring modern retellings of some of Marvel’s most iconic characters, such as Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, and the X-Men.”

3 Responses to “Disney Publishing Launches Marvel Press Imprint, Origin Storybooks”

  1. mike lafollett Says:

    just wondering if Marvel will start publishing mature prose novels as well as the kid story books.

  2. mike lafollett Says:

    hope you will start the prose novels for adults as well as for kids

  3. James Schee Says:

    There is a series of prose novels aimed at older readers coming out. the first is based on the Civil War crossover and will be written by Stuart Moore.




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