Love Advice for Nerds

Artist Harris O’Malley has launched the Dr. Nerdlove site to provide love and relationship advice to geeks (by which he means boys, although there is the occasional girl-focused answer). Topics he’s covered so far include the benefits of dating sites, places to meet women, and how to avoid the friend zone. Of particular interest this week is “How to Pick up Girls at Comic Cons“, which begins “Don’t.” He’s got five good reasons to think twice before trying this, including:

  • The logistics are against you — especially if you’re sharing a room.
  • You’re competing with everyone else’s mistakes — like these comic con pervs, jerks who think female fans, especially those in costume, are there for the purpose of their fantasies.
  • And most importantly, you’re missing the point. Girls attend conventions for the same reasons guys do: to be fans. Some of each are looking to hook up, or be open to it if it happens, but more aren’t. Be a human being and treat each other with respect.

(And then, well, I met my husband at a convention, and it’s worked out well for over a decade now. But neither of us were looking at the time.)

3 Responses to “Love Advice for Nerds”

  1. Harris O'Malley Says:

    Hey, thanks for this, Johanna! I really appreciate it.

    I do want to say that I write with men in mind more than women partly because it’s men who ask me the most questions and partly because I’ve made most of the mistakes that people are asking me about, so I’ve been there and done that.

    If you (or anyone else, for that matter) have some more women-focused topics you’d like to see addressed, please let me know.

  2. Johanna Says:

    That makes sense, and women have an advantage when it comes to geek dating, just by existing. Although I know I’ve learned a lot (mostly, to echo Carrie Fisher in When Harry Met Sally, that I’m very glad i’m not out there these days) by reading your advice. I’ll have to think about some questions for you, I mean, the good doctor.

  3. Grant Says:

    That’s cool that you met your husband at a convention. It made me think that it would be neat to do a comic book about all the successful love stories to come out of SDCC.




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