Archie Meets Kiss — Too Retro?

Archie #627 cover

Archie Comics has announced that Archie #627, due in November, will be the first part of a four-part storyline guest-starring the 70s rock band Kiss. It’s written by “Archie’s own Executive Director of Publicity and Marketing Alex Segura”; art is by mainstay Dan Parent. The story involves Sabrina the Teenage Witch messing up a spell. Kiss helps the Archie gang save the town from the monsters that result.

While Archie may be hoping for the “I can’t believe they did that” interest that made the 1994 Archie Meets the Punisher an instant classic, I found myself wondering just who the audience for this is. Will preteens even know what Kiss is? Or is this aimed at much older buyers as instant kitsch? The band, which once was edgy for flirting with the idea of “Satan worship”, now is a fondly nostalgic memory. I suppose the 40-and-over adults who were young fans of the band might get a kick out of this, but overall, it seems like an oddly mismatched project.

Gotta love Betty in that Cat makeup, though!

10 Responses to “Archie Meets Kiss — Too Retro?”

  1. Joshua Says:

    My guess is that many younger folks will be familiar with Kiss from their appearance on the American Idol finale. Whether that would prompt them to pick up the comic? Now if they could somehow secure the rights to do Sabrina meets Harry Potter…

  2. Ed Sizemore Says:

    As a former KISS junkie, I’ll be getting it for the novelty.

  3. ShadZ Says:

    This seems less like “The BAND Kiss is popular with kids, let’s see if we can work them into a story to show how hip we are” and more like “The BRAND Kiss is still popular with a portion of comics buyers, let’s do a crossover”

  4. James Schee Says:

    Honestly it isn even a “dangerous” band anymore. Remember they performed at the halftime of the Super Bowl as a “Safe choice” after the wardrobe malfunction. (who’d ever thought a Beatle, Rolling Stone & Kiss would be considered safe choices)

  5. Johanna Says:

    Shad, you’re probably right. This news came out in conjunction with the announcement that IDW was also doing a licensed Kiss comic, so it’s just brand extension.

    James, anything old is considered ok. Age brings safety, it seems.

  6. Eric Gimlin Says:

    One thing that struck me is this is NOT a Limited Series, just a few issues of the regular title. Which is neat and unusual in this day and age.

  7. Johanna Says:

    Archie has done that for several of its promotional efforts. The Kevin Keller “miniseries”, for example, is really several issues of the Veronica title.

  8. Where Are the New Archie Stories? Reprints and Reduced Publication Schedule » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] big project this month is Archie Meets Kiss, with the first two of four planned issues offered in which their characters interact with the […]

  9. jim Says:

    well, the archie series is rather retro in itself.

  10. j Says:

    It’s completely fair to refer to KISS as a ’70s band. Too many obsessive middle-aged rock fans (KISS or otherwise) consider their fave raves as still vital if they manage to continue to do occasional concerts, but so many such groups haven’t had hits in decades. (Same with their fans, in another sense!). That said, an Archie tie-in comic should have occurred in the 1970s, but Marvel Comics did it with the band back then; KISS teaming up with Archie these days says much about the depleted brand of KISS in the 21st century, and perhaps the same of Archie. I doubt even that young comics readers watch the current sorta-soap opera/”Reality” series with Simmons moaning about his wealth and attempting to hide his age.




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