Domo in the World

This book made me happy. Domo in the World is a children’s book for adults, with board-style pages, silly pictures of the block of brown fuzz, and seasonal poems.

There are 15 spreads, each containing a photograph of a Domo doll and a matching haiku. You can read a substantial sample online, including my favorite, where Domo’s dinner is a meatloaf that resembles him.

Domo is silly, cute, and often food-obsessed. This book was just what I needed after a long day, an enjoyable flip-through without commitment or heavy thought needed. Yet I found myself pondering Domo’s view of life, connected to the seasons and focused on the basics. That’s what haiku is supposed to be about, right? Natural connections? This book is a momentary escape by focusing on a ridiculous character who can be anything, his existence defined mostly by his hunger. It’s deceptively simple.

Domo in the World is due out in September. (The publisher provided a review copy.)

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