Warner Archive Geeks Out With Con-Season Sale
July 22, 2011

Not only is the Warner Archive program a godsend to fans of obscure film — their idea to sell made-on-demand DVDs has, in the two years it’s been operating, pleased numerous customers by letting them buy legal, reliable copies of lesser-known works — the folks behind it obviously know their audience and what’s important to them. Witness this timely ad and sale:

Warner Archive Comic Fan Sale

Recognize that dress they’re mimicking? It’s an old DC Super-Spectacular issue, only they were never quite THAT blue. The ad, as mailed, continued with images of The Last Dinosaur (showing geek favorites), the comic-focused Legends of the Superheroes (promoting pulp heroes), and The Herculoids, for their significant collection of animation series.

The sale will take $5 off 50 selected titles, provide free shipping within the U.S. (except for Alaska and Hawaii), and lasts through Monday, July 25. That makes most titles $14.95 instead of $19.95. Selected animation sets go to $24.95 from $29.95 (because most are two discs).

One Response  
Jim Kosmicki writes:  

I love Warner Archive and have spent more money there than I’d like to admit, but people do need to be aware that these discs have serious DRM on them that makes them playable ONLY on DVD players that cannot record. If your computer DVD drive also records, it will not work. It seems to work fine in most standalone DVD players, but if it also records, the discs will not work. This is not meant to discourage people, just fair warning because the Warner Archive site itself buries this fact really deep in small print. I want this program to succeed, and purchasers who only watch video on their computer need to realize this limitation going in.

I was slightly bemused that I already owned quite a few of the discs in this special promotion – i guess my geek cred remains good.


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