This Week’s Manga Moveable Feast: Fruits Basket

This month’s Manga Moveable Feast, hosted by David Welsh, is dedicated to Fruits Basket and runs this week.

Fruits Basket was probably Tokyopop’s most successful series, with 23 volumes released in the U.S. from 2004-2009. I read and reviewed much of it about five years ago, but I quit at book 17, because the series was just running too long for me. I did review the fanbook, Fruits Basket Banquet, last year, along with another book by author Natsuki Takaya, Songs to Make You Smile. Tokyopop tried to develop the creator’s following by releasing Tsubasa: Those With Wings and Phantom Dream, but neither were as good or successful.

As his first post, David has a nice explanation of why this title for the MMF, explaining some of the key points of appeal of the series and fruitful (heh) grounds for exploration.

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