Image Comics Redesigns, Adds Digital Purchase Links

Image Comics has recently redesigned its website, adding several modern features.

Image Comics website

Front and center are four ads, the top banner and the three smaller at the top right. Also prominent is the list of what you can buy now, always helpful to interested customers. As a reviewer, having clearly defined series and issue pages is a big help, as is the information about what they’ve published historically, even if the series is not currently running.

New is the link to Digital Comics, which takes you to the Comixology site listing of Image titles. The site was also designed by that digital distributor. The Facebook, Twitter, and RSS buttons are nice, although I don’t know that they need to be that prominent. Upping your social network counts is the new trend, though, hotter than site visit numbers.

I was made aware of these changes by Rob McMonigal, who has his own lengthy analysis of the site. He makes some good points about the changes and their benefits, although I disagree with him that forums are no longer necessary.

One Response to “Image Comics Redesigns, Adds Digital Purchase Links”

  1. hapax Says:

    That nasty Liefeld art front and center is reason enough not to go back and check out Image.




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