The Other Shoe Drops in Archie CEO Battle

In July, news broke that Archie Comics was suing Nancy Silberkleit, co-CEO, in an attempt to prevent her from coming back to its headquarters. Now, Robot 6 reports that, as suspected, Silberkleit is claiming that “Goldwater, son of Archie Comics co-founder John L. Goldwater, is a chauvinist who’s attempting to drive her out of the company.” Her lawyer has filed a motion to dismiss the Archie lawsuit, with a hearing due August 16.

If one was to pick an American comic company that would be the site of accusations about sexism and a nasty battle over corporate control, Archie would have been the last choice for many. Perhaps this is a sign that “co-CEO” roles and shared responsibilities are very difficult to manage evenly.

5 Responses to “The Other Shoe Drops in Archie CEO Battle”

  1. Diana Green Says:

    I just finished a massive article on Archie for an upcoming reference book on comics. In my research, I discovered that the Archie line usually waited until a social trend was firmly entrenched before jumping on in even a marginal way. Seiberkliet changed that model, making the comics more relevant, and frankly, more interesting.
    And this is far from the first lawsuit the Archie line has been involved in. Just ask the band The Veronicas.

  2. ShadZ Says:

    I’m not surprised to hear accusations of sexism against ArchieCo. They are a multi-generation famly-run business (two families in this case) and that is the kind of place where the “old ways” die hardest.

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