The Other Captain America Movies Will Be on DVD Too
August 9, 2011
Captain America / Captain America II: Death Too Soon cover

Found on Amazon via TV Shows on DVD, there will be a November release for Captain America and its sequel Captain America II: Death Too Soon.

These are the two 1979 TV movies starring the otherwise unknown Reb Brown, put out to keep the previously announced 90s telefilm company (it’s due out later this month), along with the big-budget Marvel movie that was so successful this summer. Shout! Factory is releasing, so the package should be nice, if nothing else — they’re a quality label. (Although the one-disc, two movie setup suggests a bare-bones release.) They’re also the ones who have been putting out the Marvel Knights Animation motion comic DVDs.

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Bill D. writes:  

Does this mean we’ll finally eventually see the Nicholas Hammond Spidey series at some point?

Keith Bowden writes:  

I love Shout! Factory’s releases. They’re impossible to contact, though. (I have their Lenny Bruce 6-dics book set and the last disc was actually glued into the sleeve, making the last several minutes impossible to play. I was hoping to get a replacement since by the time I got through the book and all 6 discs I no longer had my quite old receipt.) :(

I’d like to see the Roger Corman FF film released. I saw a bootleg once and didn’t think it was all that bad (keeping in mind it’s a B movie), with the absolute worst part of it being Reed’s L-shaped arm waving out the top of the limo at the end (after his and Sue’s wedding).

Put me down for wanting to see the Hammond Spidey TV series again!

And the 1960s Marvel Super-Heroes series! (Whatever happened to that complete box set? Yeesh.)

Johanna writes:  

Oooh, I’d watch Hammond Spidey again! Neat idea.

James Schee writes:  

I want to see, since I just discovered it existed, the 1991 unaired Power Pack pilot:


Sarah writes:  

I think this is the version that Conan O’Brien was airing before the present film’s release; if so, it’s catastrophic.

Johanna writes:  

Wow. That Power Pack pilot is something. The narration voice doesn’t sound like the horse guy to me, and the music is overdone, but I liked the way it showed how difficult raising Katie right could be. Thanks for sharing the link.

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