Gronk: A Monster’s Story

Gronk: A Monster Story cover

The first book reprinting the Gronk webcomic is now available.

Katie Cook’s adorable four-panel strip has a classic fish-out-of-water premise. Little monster Gronk has been adopted by Dale after she left the monster world because she didn’t like being scary. The comics mostly cover how Gronk misunderstands or learns something about how humans live. My favorites are when Gronk interacts with the huge dog Harli or the cat Kitty. Gronk also has her own Kitteh, only that one is stuffed.

In a nice, value-added touch, the strips run on the website in black and white, but for the book they were gorgeously colored and shaded by Kevin Minor. I like reading the webcomic, but I love the art in full color! It seems more solid and real. Gronk is a wonderful stand-in for a toddler, making for lots of amusing encounters, beautifully cartooned. Some of it’s slapstick, some shared pop culture references, some Gronk playing, and some the humor of conflicting expectations, as when Gronk learns to use the toilet.

This first volume is 62 pages and contains the strips from the April 2010 beginning up through May 2011. Extras include a short “how Gronk began” page, guest strips, and fan art.

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